Matutinal Musings on Mobile Web

The Web has come a long way; from an era when websites were static, and thus did not allow users to interact with them to the current era when websites are dynamic, and thus allow user-generated content. I think W3C is ambitious in its quest to create “One Web.” For W3C…

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E-learning solutions

Information Technology is an integral part of every facet of our lives. It has changed the way we learn, teach and plan. The traditional method of learning gives students limited opportunity to collaborate with others and explore rich multimedia learning formats. It neither challenges gifted students to bring out the best…

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Computer Networking

A computer network is an interconnection of computing devices for the purpose of sharing files, printers, programs, an Internet connection, etc. A standalone computer is not as useful as a networked computer. Whilst computer networks allow you to share files, a printer, an Internet connection and access the Internet, they can…

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The Menace of Computer Virus

A computer virus is a malicious program that attacks other computer programs and users' data. It replicates by placing copies of itself into other programs, users' files or the boot sector of the hard disk drive. It can steal hard disk space, corrupt important operating system files, damage user's files, slow…

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